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The International Advanced Training in Todtmoos 2010 DVDs

DVD set

Long expected: The video summary of the International Advanced Training in Todtmoos 2010 is out now.

Spoken in English with German translation.

On 5 DVDs the following topics are summarized:

For English only speakers, the DVD set can only be ordered via e-mail because the Auditorium-Netwerk web site is written in German. However, their staff is fluent in English. You can order via e-mail by writing: Auditorium-Netwerk

Also avaialable from Auditorium-Netwerk:

Click here to visit Auditorium-Netwerk

An International Symposium: The Psychology of the Enneatypes:

"27 Subtypes and its Relation to Pleasure, Power and Money" Click here - Claudio Naranjo "Seeker After Truth" Click here - Claudio Naranjo "Healing Civilization" Click here

The Ultimate Men's Conference - June of 2011

"The End of Patriarchy and The Dawn of Wholeness"

                with Lion Goodman Running time: 50 minutes

World Spirituality: Spirit's Next Move Teleseries 2010

"World Spirituality"

                with Mariana Caplan Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Fundacion Claudio Naranjo - Videos in English


I'm pleased to let you know that New Dimensions radio is featuring me on their worldwide radio broadcast on Wednesday, June 9 - 15. "Your Intuitive Mind Could Save the World with Claudio Naranjo, M.D." Hosted by Michael Toms. Program 3347

It will be airing the week of June 9-15, 2010 (their broadcast week begins on Wednesdays) on stations throughout the U.S. and Australia. You can also hear it streaming for free on the New Dimensions website for two weeks beginning June 9th or you can download it for a small fee at any time after June 1st. Go to Listening Options on their website menu for a list of radio stations that carry New Dimensions.

Topics explored in this dialogue:

In this intimate conversation I share stories from my lifelong journey, and the teachers who molded my mind and spirit. I explain the origins of the patriarchal attitudes that led to the violence, oppression, and greed that plague the world today, and identify the consequences of our dependence on reason at the expense of instinct. My solution, though, may come as a surprise, as I tell you that a return to matriarchy is not enough.

In my view, it’s not the alternative patriarchy and matriarchy, but the alternative between patriarchy and a threefold integration of values and ways of thinking that cannot become a cultural reality if it doesn’t start in the individual. Only by beginning with the politics of consciousness can we transform the outer politics of society. Once again we’re reminded that global change begins with each of us -- and my prescription for change will invite your inner child to dance.

This interview will part of New Dimensions' wonderful archive, joining over 900 other dialogues in their archive. I am pleased to let you know that New Dimensions is working in partnership with Stanford University Library to digitize their entire archive of over 6000 hours of deep dialogues with hundreds of the most innovative movers and shakers on the planet. More hours are added to the archive every week.

Commercially Available recordings

Listen to the introduction and a partial description of enneatype two:

CD of the Enneagram in Homeopathy
"Enneatypes in Homeopathy"

This 2 CD set is available from: Cloister Recordings

"DSM III in Light of the Enneagram" available in an audio CD or VHS tape from: Cloister Recordings

Here is a site that carries a large number of audio and video English language recordings of Dr. Naranjo. Be it by himself or with other well known seekers, you will find the subjects covered both varied and interesting:

Interviews from the National Public Television series in either DVD or VHS format. The Traqnsmission of Knowledge & Approaches to Growth: East and West. Available via: Thinking

Big Sur Tapes has 12 audio offerings of Dr. Naranjo speaking on a variety subjects... and there is one with Allan Gisberg and Alan Watts on the theme of "The Madness of Poetry": Big Sur

3 Recordings - Exploration of Subtypes - I, Exploration of Subtypes - II, & The Holy Grail of Music - An Illustrated Lecture: