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My Psychedelic Explorations: The Healing Power and Transformational Potential of Psychoactive Substances Character and Neurosis: An Integrative View Healing Civilization: The One Quest: The Enneagram of Society

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At last a book in Nederlands! As many Dutch also read English, I thought that as there is not a Dutch section to this web site, that they might come across Claudio's first book in Nederlands here.

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Dit boek is een ontnuchterende analyse van de vernietigende invloed die eeuwenlange mannelijke dominantie op het leven heeft. Naranjo is ervan overtuigd dat het patriarchaat de oorzaak is van wereldproblemen als geweld, economische ongelijkheid en racisme. Om te voorkomen dat dit soort uitwassen ons voortbestaan bedreigen, moeten we een bewustzijnsverandering ondergaan, waarin we onze vaderlijke, moederlijke en kinderlijke kant verenigen.

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Healing Civilization

Healing Civilization

The first online review at Cafe Libri

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A review by one of the top futurists in the world, Hazel Henderson


The Way of Silence and the Talking Cure: On Meditation and Psychotherapy
ISBN-10: 1577331400
Blue Dolphin Publishing
(March 2006)
Part I presents a theoretical and inter-disciplinary account of the classical forms of meditation. Chapter 2 tackles meditation from a trans-cultural and trans-systemic perspective, while Chapter 3 brings a similar perspective to bear on the issue of the subtle physiology of meditation and the transformation of the body in the course of the individual's spiritual evolution. Part II considers the common ground between meditation and therapy - ranging from a theoretical understanding of the meditation/ therapy interface to the formulation of a solitary retreat methodology. Part III, comprising a single chapter in seven sections, offers a panorama of the classical forms of meditation in the different spiritual traditions. The integrative attitude conveyed throughout the book serves as an antidote to excessively sectarian tendencies and draws attention to the fundamental issues that underlie well known and specific forms of meditation and psychotherapy. It will be of interest to seekers, helpful to people-helpers and an inspiration to those in social situations ranging from self-help groups to educational initiatives.

The End of Patriarchy And the Dawning of a Tri-Une Society
ISBN-10: 1569370656
Amber Lotus
(January 1998)
Pioneer transpersonal psychologist Claudio Naranjo challenges the basis of the patriarchal order and illuminates how it has affected our world and our lives. With unique insight, Dr. Naranjo moves the reader toward a fuller way of being that integrates the paternal, maternal, and child-like aspects of the person and of society. These essays emphasize innovative emotional rather than intellectual elements of human transformation.

The Enneagram of Society
Gateways Books & Tapes
(March 2004)
The Enneagram of Society, rather than material for active speculation, presents us with an invitation to rebuild the world, starting with our own transformation into beings capable of assuming responsibility for our own acts.... -- Arno Vogel, Director of Latin American Faculty for Sociology.

Character and Neurosis: An Integrative View
Gateways Books & Tapes
Replaces the author's Ennea-type Structures. This is Dr. Naranjo's full-length work on the "enneagram of personality types," including comparisions with other psychological typing systems, extensive citations of the psychoanalytic literature, a discussion of the origins (etiology) of each type, correspondences with homeopathic constitutional types, and more.

Consciousness and Creativity
Ross Books
(June 1978)
Consciousness and Creativity is a new book designed to bring together the now separated and specialized disciplines involved in studying human consciousness and to communicate the felt experience of different cultures, both ancient and modern. The purpose of Consciousness and Creativity is to provide a forum for current thinking on the structure of reality at its most fundamental levels. The book seeks to:

The Divine Child and the Hero: Inner Meaning in Children's Literature
Gateways Books & Tapes
(March 2000)
Preface by P.L. Travers A Gateways Consciousness Classic Illustrated with drawings by cover artist Della Heywood. This book is an extended meditation on children's literature. Dr. Naranjo highlights the Hero who slays dragons and the Child who needs only to "be," not to "do." He discusses children's classics including Charlotte's Web, The Hobbit, The Little Prince, and others. Dr. Naranjo places these children's classics in the context of the great archetypes of world literature. In a special appendix to the Gateways edition, the author interviews Lloyd Alexander, author of The Book of Three and a fiction series treasured by young readers, on the sources of his inspiration. Published previously only in Spanish, this book will be of special interest to teachers, counselors, parents of young children, students of world literature, as well as readers of Dr. Naranjo's previous books on psychology and spirituality, the enneagram and personal transformation. "In writing this book, Claudio Naranjo has submitted himself to what the I Ching calls The Taming Power of the Small". I feel certain that his eight authors, whether they are in this world or in Heaven, will salute Mr. Naranjo for this perceptive essay.

How to Be - Meditation in Spirit and Practice
Putnam Publishing Group
(January 1990)
The author's essays from On the Psychology of Meditation (orig. with Robert Ornstein), with several added essays, including one on meditation and music.

The Healing Journey - New Approaches to Consciousness
Pantheon Books
(January 1974)

Gestalt Therapy - The Attitude and Practice of an Atheoretical Experientialism
Gateways Books & Tapes
(June 1993)

Transformation Through Insight- Enneatypes in Life, Literature and Clinical Practice
Scb Distributors
(May 1997)
This book is about using the psychological model of Enneatypes (based on the Enneagram, which describes human personality according to 9 Types) for self-understanding, as well as for working with clients in a therapeutic setting. In order to give the reader a more specific picture of each Enneatype and how that Type can be worked with in daily life and psychotherapy:

Enneatypes in Psychotherapy: Selected Transcripts of the First International Symposium on the Personality Enneagrams International Symposium on the Personality Enneagrams 1993 Pueblo Aca
Scb Distributors
(April 1995)
This book derives from transcripts of a groundbreaking gathering of professionals at the First International Symposium on the Personality Enneagrams, exploring it from a variety of perspectives.

The One Quest: A Map Of The Ways Of Transformation
Independent Publishing Group
(September 2005)
Claudio Naranjo has been an active contributor in the new movements spreading throughout the country, and has left a significant imprint on a remarkable number of surprisingly diverse aspects of psychology, the human potential movement, and what is now called The New Age Movement. -- Alfonso Montuori, Associate Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies.

Ennea-Type Structures: Self-Analysis for the Seeker
Gateways Books & Tapes
(August 1990)
A manual of character types, appropriate for typing oneself, with the author's recommendations for a beginning program of transformation using the enneagram material. Introduction by E.J. Gold, illustrated with caricatures and diagrams.