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I have denounced traditional formal (i.e. patriarchal) education to be a most destructive waste at a time when there is nothing that we need so much as true culture, understanding and good heart. I believe that education is our greatest hope, partly because it has already developed the institutional basis for what it has thus far only purported to do and may one day carry out in reality (assisting personal development).

Since our gravest and most basic common problem is the underdevelopment of consciousness, and the healing journey against the stream of deterioration is difficult, we need to emphasize prevention--and we have the vehicle for it in compulsory education, if only we realize how destructive it has been to seek to educate the young to be the reflections of what we are, and how, when we believe that we are passing on our values, we are being arrogantly blind to how and to what an extent we transmit our plagues.

If the great hope of changing education is to be fulfilled - and better soon than never - it will have to rest on the healing and transformation of teachers, for it would be ludicrous to imagine that this could be done through curriculum reform alone. And then the question arises: do we have an effective and feasible method through which we might educate teachers to give them with the experiences and training that were never provided by the academic world and yet are indispensable in view of an education for personal and social evolution?

I believe I have created such a method, and proved its effectiveness to my own satisfaction and to that of my colleagues and alumni. The interested reader may find the relevant information in the sections on SAT and on SAT-in-Education, as well as in my book Changing Education to Change the World, originally written in Spanish and also published in Portuguese and Italian. (I am enclosing the table of contents, its brief introduction and a sample chapter, describing the experiential work with groups that I have developed, and believe to be precisely what education needs for its transformation.)

Most importantly, perhaps, I seek to convince people that the transformation of education is our best hope of the massive change in consciousness that may answer the challenge of our present crisis.

Claudio Naranjo           

on the theme of Healing Civilization via a New Education
From Conscious TV in London at the end of December 2010
27 minutes, 15 seconds

Dr. Naranjo on the internet... this is a link to

Speaking from his home, Dr. Naranjo answers a question about his work.

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This is a 34 minute audio recording of Dr. Naranjo speaking about his view on education and the urgent need to change it.