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The story of civilization is the story of patriarchal society--a patriarchal society that exists in counterpoint with a patriarchal mind. Dr. Naranjo denounces patriarchy as the root cause of important world problems that are usually approached in a piecemeal manner that has not proven to be effective, and which cannot be expected to lead to transformation. His contention is that a correct diagnosis of our meta-problem (patriarchy) may be as fruitful as the discovery of bacteria and infections was to medicine.

The on-going crisis in world affairs is a kind of dark night in the evolution of our species, which involves a crisis of obsolescence of the patriarchal mind and its institutions. Our greatest hope must be for a change in consciousness, rather than changes in laws, institutions or politics.

Since it would be inefficient to seek to influence the next generation through parents or through the media which are too obviously in the service of other interests, only education may succeed in nurturing emotionally healthy and integrated "three-brained beings". And since it is on the transformation of teachers that this will depend, we will need an efficient and feasible method of educating teachers in a way that they were never educated by the academic world or by the culture. Claudio has said that he feels as a laborer that has found a pot of gold beneath a stone, and has seen it as his responsibility to tell the world of his find. He trusts that the fruit of his life's work -- the SAT process-- may indeed be a resource sufficient for the transformation of a quorum of educators-- that may in turn become the indispensable ferment for the transformation of education necessary for the transcendence of patriarchal society.

"The Hidden Root Of The World Problem"
Frankfurt, Germany - 2004

11 minutes, 28 seconds

Enneagram of Society
Prologue by Arno Vogel

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