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Dr. Naranjo's way of spelling out the views and practices of Fritz Perls is very different from what is current today in the American gestalt establishment. By contrast, his work has inspired the avant-garde Latin American gestalt movement.

Theoretical considerations aside, during his Esalen workshops in the 1960s Dr. Naranjo was the first to use meditation as an adjunct to gestalt. He was also the first to develop interpersonal meditation techniques, both as something of intrinsic value and also as a support or background for specific psychological exercises.Congreso Internacional de Gestalt These techniques are now part of the broad cluster of approaches known as the SAT program, and are discussed in The Way of Silence and the Talking Cure (published in English in 2006).

Dr. Naranjo was the keynote speaker at the first Gestalt conference, in Berkeley, 1971, at the Second East Coast Conference, then at the Second International Conference, in Madrid, the third, In Mexico city, the fourth, in Siena, and others. (During the last of the International Conferences, in Naples, he shared the opening and closure of the event with Daniel Bloom, director of the NY Gestalt Institute). He has written four books on Gestalt therapy, only the first of which has appeared in English, and in the third of which--Gestalt de Vanguardia--he denounces the betrayal of Fritz Perls' spirit and heritage that was involved in the counter-revolution brought about by his former NY collaborators. La Llave published Por una Gestalt Viva, his last book on the subject, in April 2007.

"On The Gestalt Heritage And On Gestalt Theory"
2004: Berlin, Germany - 18 minutes, 23 seconds

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