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The Journey

Claudio has been a seeker by vocation and to be a seeker is to go on a journey. Perhaps as a reflection of this vocation, it is on "the journey" that he has been most eloquent in his writing, firstly in his book The One Quest, that speaks of the vehicles, ways and resources available to the wayfarer and of the characteristics of the transformation that the inner journey entails. Some of his thinking on the stages of the path may be gathered from his talk on "Pathologies Along the Spiritual Path" given at the conference on Crazy Wisdom at Naropa Institute in 1992.

His book Songs of Enlightenment (which have appeared in German, Spanish and Russian, but not yet in English) is a discussion of the stages of the journey through the language of myth and the consideration of great epic poems of the West. Also, many tapes document his commentaries on the inner meaning of books such as Sophocles' Oedipus and the Tibetan Gesar epic as expressions of the timeless "Tale of the Hero".

“Trials and Tribulations of a Modern Mystic - Spiritual
Authority - Surrender or Conscious Discipleship?”

CIIS - March 2002 - part 1
37 minutes

The Goals Of Human Transformation
The Goals of
Human Transformation

Chapter 2 from the book
The One Quest
Traditional Ways andContemporary Echoes
Traditional Ways
& Contemporary Echoes

Chapter 3 from the book
The One Quest