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Music and Artistic Creativity

Claudio grew up in a musical environment, early in life became a musician, learning piano (winning the Debussy prize in Santiago Chile in 1961) and then musical composition (his piano Sonatina also received a local prize.) This early musicianship prepared him for his contributions later in life concerning to the use of music as meditation and contemplation, as also for his reflections on the construction of musical meaning.

Included here are videoed talks... also papers that, though inspired by music, address spiritual issues such as inspiration, creativity and spiritual experience.

2016 The Inner Music

To view click: The Inner Music

"Character and Transcendence in Music"

A recently rediscovered 2 hour and 43 minute audio recording
of a presentation by Claudio given in Berkeley California in 1997.
To listen just click here.

From "Musical Magic, Shamanism and Semantics"
given at CIIS in San Francisco, California - 2008

25 minutes, 03 seconds

from "Music and Devotion" - part 1
given a CIIS in San Francisco, California - 2009

14 minutes, 41 seconds

from "Music and Devotion" - part 2
given a CIIS in San Francisco, California - 2009

8 minutes, 23 seconds

Music As Meditation And Therapy
Music As Meditation and Therapy

Chapter 7 from the book
"The Way of Silence and the Talking Cure