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Throughout my life I have received a number of invitations from the world of education that constituted fruitful stimuli to the unfolding of my work. Firstly, I was privileged to be a consultant at Willis Harman's Center for Education Policy Research at SRI, when I was commissioned to report on the contributions of the "human potential movement" that might be helpful to the education of the future. (My report - The Unfolding of Man - was published in the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Resources and later became my first book The One Quest).

At a later time it was also an important stimulus to be invited as one of the speakers at the last meeting of the "Mandala Conference" sponsored by the Association for Holistic Health and Education, in Santa Barbara. The transcript of this talk was to become "The Education of the Whole Person for a Unified World" later included as a chapter of The End of Patriarchy and more recently included in Changing Education to Change the World.

Still a third and most meaningful stimulus was that of being a participant in the second meeting of the "Education for the Third Millennium Conference", which took place in Catamarca, in Northern Argentina, on the year 2000. It was here that I fully grasped the potential of my work, and saw that the approach that I had developed for the experiential education of psychotherapists was something that might be even more profitably applied to the education of teachers.

When I shared with my collaborators my view of SAT as a means of transforming education, they suggested a meeting with the teachers among our alumni, and this led to a symposium that brought together some 300 of us in Spain in 2002 - in which we jointly contemplated how we might collaborate towards that end.

From that meeting others followed at one-year intervals, the last of these being held in Barcelona under the auspices of the Universidad Autónoma. Surely its success was an antecedent to the fact that SAT soon became an accredited method of teacher training in Catalonia. Since then SAT has also been accredited in Italy, and for the first time offered as part of a University curriculum. I expect that in the future other schools of education become interested in experimenting with this addition to the standard curricula.

A number of organizations concerned with the promotion and funding of SAT programs for teachers have arisen in different countries, and a foundation has been established in Spain. Below are their names and addresses.

Claudio Naranjo           

2015 - SAT en Uruguay

Primer SAT con Maestros Rurales en Uruguay.

Por informes: SAT Uruguay

"On An Education For Virtue"
University of San Diego - School of Leadership and Education Science
March 2009 - The Political Implications of an Education for Virtue
24 minutes, 50 seconds

"The 3 Loves"
University of San Diego - School of Leadership and Education Science
March 2009 - The Political Implications of an Education for Virtue
29 minutes, 03 seconds

"Fragments Of The Conversation On Virtue"
University of San Diego - School of Leadership and Education Science
March 2009 - The Political Implications of an Education for Virtue
21 minutes, 03 seconds

Interview with Claudio Naranjo
"Coming To Love And Wisdom"


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