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Tótila Albert

Artist and Prophet of a Triune Society


I became friends with Tótila Albert when I was finishing my first year in medical school; I immediately recognized him as a prophet and I continued trying to understand through him a deeper reality than my rational mind could grasp.

Before his death in 1967 he placed his manuscripts in my hands in the hope that I would carry his message into the future not only through their publication, but also through my own understanding and activity, and this I have done in part, having published in Germany his epic poem, "The Birth out of the I", and also his cycle of poems, "The Self-Aware Name".

Also being prepared for publication in German is a book of an anthological nature entitled "Tótila Albert, Prophet of Our Three", but I have not yet widely disclosed the set of poetic-musical works he called "Musical Dictation".

I have been promoting a digitalized version of these through a presentation similar to karaoke, which allows the reader to follow the text to the rhythm of the music, and I hope to gradually make them known through this site.

Tótila's political vision regarding the ills of society can be summed up in the word patriarchy, which is expressed through his works that can be described as political poetry. And above all it must be said that Tótila was the first to denounce patriarchy before feminism endorsed this complaint.

As Tótila's intellectual heir, however, I have preferred to speak of the ignored root of the world's ills as the "patriarchal mind" rather than as patriarchy, as I have been analyzing through books such as "Healing Civilization" and "La Raíz Ignorada de las Males del Alma y del Mundo" (The Ignored Root of the Ills of the Soul and of the World.).

I will include under the heading of "The Political Vision" something of Tótila Albert's political poetry as well as some of my own work, including not only diagnostic considerations about the world problems, but also something about my proposal that nothing would be so relevant to the necessary change of our collective mentality as the design of a new education that places more importance on human development than on mere instruction.

Claudio Naranjo           

Editing note: 'The exact translation of "Das geburt aus dem Ich" is "The Birth out of the I ", but since Claudio wrote it many times "The Birth of the I" we chose to keep the title as he did.'


The Musical Dictation

The Political Vision

From "Musical Magic, Shamanism and Semantics"
given at CIIS in San Francisco, California - 2008

25 minutes, 36 seconds

The Music Dictation Of Tótila Albert:
Schumann's 1st Symphony, the 2nd Movement

6 minutes, 32 seconds

Tótila Albert

Tótila Albert

The Unveiling

Santiago, Chile - 17 April 2007

Inaguration act of La Tierra with the Chilean President Michelle
Bachelet (center) and Totila Albert's daughter Luz Albert (far right).

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